Children's stories brought to life on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Share the stories you loved as a child with the children you love

Kidztory turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a beautifully illustrated and narrated, interactive storybook.

It's all stories

The Kidztory interactive storybook series is dedicated to the world's most important people — Our children.

That's why we tell fun stories with positive values. We want to give good guidance to planet earth's future guardians, make them smile and encourage their love of reading.

As well as launching the first multilingual interactive animated iPhone storybook app in history, we invented the widely imitated 'Read to me / Read by myself' feature. Or at least we think we did... let us know if we're wrong.

Kidztory is by Stepworks, the Hong Kong-based branding and marketing communications agency. We're a bunch of writers, designers, artists, computer wizards and suchlike who help smart companies build brands of bricks.

Enjoy our stories with your children and hopefully we'll all live a little more happily ever after :-)

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